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News of the game - Coastal-City
News of the game
Regularly check this page to always be aware of all the latest news and events in the game

We got roulette!


Dear friends, we have great news! Today we added the Roulette mini-game to the project. You can try your luck by betting Silver or Gold! The minimum bet is 100, the maximum is 2000!
In the future you will find many more interesting innovations, stay with us!

Sincerely, COASTAL CITY Administration

New referral contest


Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that the first competition of referralists has come to an end, winners will soon receive their prizes!
If you didn’t manage to take part in the competition or you didn’t have enough points to win, then you have the opportunity to try again, we launched a new competition, which will last until December 20, and we wish good luck to all participants!

Sincerely, COASTAL CITY Administration

Cryptocurrency payments restored


Dear friends, the technical work on the cryptocurrency aggregator is completed and now deposits and payments in the cryptocurrency are available and work as usual.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Yours faithfully,
COASTAL CITY Administration

Cryptocurrency payments are temporarily unavailable


Dear friends, cryptocurrency payments on our website are temporarily unavailable due to technical work on the side of the aggregator, but they will be restored soon and we will notify you of this.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience
Sincerely, COASTAL CITY Administration

The first thousand members !!!


Dear friends, there are already a thousand of us who have united in this wonderful community - COASTAL CITY
We want to tell you all - THANKS !!! Stay with us, and we will continue to delight you with stable payments and honest work.

Successful start


Dear friends, it is been two days since the launch of COASTAL CITY, during which time almost 500 people have joined us !!!

We want to thank everyone who has already participated in our project, stay with us and you will not regret it

Referral contest


Dear friends, we decided to hold a referral contest to attract more attention to the project and ensure a good start.
All players are already participating in the contest. On the page Contest you can see the rating of players and find out your score, as well as get acquainted with the rules and prizes.

We decided to make the first competition short, it will last only until 30.11.19 so hurry to be in the top three!

Our team wishes all competitors good luck and profit!



Dear friends, we are pleased to introduce the game COASTAL CITY, where you can have a good time and easily earn real money!

Our team - SKY PROJECTS has developed a unique project that will help any participant increase real money by playing a simple game, and thanks to the welcome bonus of 5,000 silver, a built-in task system, surfing and referral program, the initial investment becomes optional, that is, anyone can start earning right now - our doors are open to everyone!

SKY PROJECTS is a multi-person team whose goal is to make passive earnings on the Internet more accessible than ever. We develop unique software and create marketing strategies to achieve our goal.

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Latest reviews
Nice game, hope tasks also will come in english
Вроде норм точно сказать не могу только начал
Nice and tidy. My town growing.
Пока ничего сказать не могу. Тока начал. Вроде зацепила
Web tốt lắm
seems great
Проект супер ...
Hay cho du an

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